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: but obama's party controlled the congress. >> the conference report is adopted. >> narrator: and without a single republican vote in the house, the stimulus bill passed. >> so much for the president's charm offensive. today it was all partisan rancor and name calling. >> not one republican voted for it, turning a cold shoulder to the president's appeal for bipartisan support. >> obama learns that being president is about understanding the constraints and, frankly, working the system rather than changing the system. >> growing backlash against wall street. as for the compensation for the ceos at four of the biggest... >> gave out 18.4 billion in bonuses... >> narrator: then, just a few weeks into his presidency, another wall street problem: the huge bonuses. the bonuses fueled public anger over the hundreds of billions of dollars in federal bailouts initiated by the bush administration. >> it really, really grates with most people that our tax money went to support these institutions. and then when the rest of the country was in the worst of the recession, you saw the big traders and the
is the devil is in the details. barack obama and members of this party have ordered the proposals in the past -- they create a national registration system that is prohibited by law, and would put a gun shows out of business because it would hold people criminally liable for acts committed by people at the show. no one and their right mind would hold a gun show. >> so this is about money to you? >> it is not about money. it is about freedom and the right to buy a gun for self protection, even if you are buying it at a gun show. >> what do you make of what obama said in the proposal -- we were talking about background checks, but he also says he wants to introduce a ban on military-style assault weapons. >> i find that in some ways a little hypocritical, considering president obama had a program called fast and furious that walked across the border thousands of so-called assault rifles, millions of rounds of ammunition, and an unbelievable amount of high-capacity magazines that have been used by violent criminals of drug cartels. >> why then do americans in the united states need these weapons
's "parks and recreation." he's involved in a mix up over a table reservations. >>> president obama attended the farewell party for tim geithner. he later joked about what was missing. >> they didn't serve alcohol. >> former president bill clinton has been getting more questions these days about his wife hilary's future including the 2016 presidential race and her health. >> she's always been very, very healthy and she has very low blood pressure, very low standing heart beat. i tell her she still has time to have three more husbands after me. whenever i'm stubborn about something in our contact quest at my self-improvement she refers to me as her first president. >> and a reminder that msnbc will have all day coverage monday of president obama's second inauguration. and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> now for a look at the national weather we turn to meteorologist bill karins. good morning. >> some good one liners in there. very entertaining. not fun later today. the deep south your first snow event of the season is coming your way. we have winter storm warnings in pink
from california, president obama is not trying to destroy the republican party. we're doing that to ourselves. sharon in san diego. bill, we don't often disagree with charles krauthammer, you're right and he's wrong. that change will last beyond obama, here comes hillary. and from massachusetts, bill, you portrayed gays in a wrong way. you can't pick a small group of angry protesters at the vatican who wants human rights. of course, i can do that, we cover the news, those protesters interrupted the pope and we covered that as part of the culture war, which it is. >> and mr. o, the protesters at the vatican displayed an ungodly rage. i thought the left was supposed to be tolerant. and from las vegas, bill, please name one great accomplishment by a liberal. civil rights act of 1964. brian smith, arizona, bill, the reason there's no strong figure nationally the liberal media destroys anyone who takes that point of view. they try, brian, no question about it and i can personally attest to that. and people like billy graham overcame it. and i lost my dad over the weekend he was 9
connections and went to a number of the parties and had a very good time. >> reporter: he was moved by clinton's inaugural. really felt clinton was going to change the world and that was some party. >> i barack hussein obama -- >> reporter: of them all the highlight was four years ago when he attended president obama's first inauguration and though a ticket snafu can kept him from getting into the event he happily watched from a tv in a washington hotel. >> it's the experience of being there, of being part of it. >> reporter: this weekend he will head to washington, d.c., for president obama's second swearing in, stocking up on cold weather gear for the occasion. >> this is weird. i remember long underwear with the flaps and stuff, you know. this stuff is like pantyhose. >> reporter: this time he plans to bring his son for the very first time to witness democracy's premiere event. joe rosato jr. nbc bay area news. >> you were at barack obama's first inauguration. >> i was. i covered that and it was freezing. can i just say my memory is just that i was like this through the whole thing. a littl
, president obama is not trying to destroy the republican party. we're doing that to ourselves. sharon in san diego. bill, we don't often disagree with charles krauthammer, you're right and he's wrong. that change will last beyond obama, here comes hillary. and from massachusetts, bill, you portrayed gays in a wrong way. you can't pick a small group of angry protesters at the vatican who wants human rights. of course, i can do that, we cover the news, those protesters interrupted the pope and
obama agreed. what side will the republicans take? the fires? will the gop be the guns over people party? look at the tough stand the president's taken here. not just limiting the capacity of gun magazines and background checks. but limiting the ban on semiautomatic rifles. what's the nra done? gone after the president's daughters. people are hurt by what happened to those first graders. it's not a smart move to be out there backing the gun runners. for sure it's not good to sell in the suburbs or the cities. it may not even sell in the country. nobody likes what happened in connecticut and a decent society will get off its butt. a decent society will get off its butt. both the gun kind and the other kind. collin goddard was a survivor of the 2007 virginia tech shootings. he's now with the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. and mark glazer is the director of mayors against illegal guns. for measures he could control through the executive branch. they range from nominating a permanent atf director to new measures on mental health and school safety and a campaign promoting gun safety
by our supreme court. >> and president barack obama knows he needs to win over members of his own party before he can begin to target republican support and don't forget, the n ra has a lot of pull here on capitol hill. and the n ra is not backing down after releasing an ad attacking president barack obama's gun policies before they were even announced. i will have more on that kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> now we are hearing who may be president barack obama's next chief of staff. it will probably be dennis mcdonald. he would replace jack lew who the president nominated to be the new treasury secretary. >>> and following a new lead in the jimmy who have that case -- jimmy h o f a. he spent a lot of years tied to organized crime. he disappeared from a detroit restaurant but he was told where jimmy's body was buried after he was released. >>> well police in berkeley are searching for a man who was robbed at gunpoint. it opened 25 minutes after they opened for business and -- it happened 25 minutes after they opened for business. he got away with an underdisclosed amount
're marked as a traitor for life. today some of the top people in the republican party, the people to watch, marco rubio, rand paul, ted cruz are right out there front in opposing president obama on gun safety. so what happened? why is the gop, the party of guns over people? our guests are congresswoman carolyn mccarthy, a democrat of new york, and cynthia tucker, a pulitzer prize winning columnist. thank you both for joining us. you have been in this fight for so long, congresswoman mccarthy. i have to ask you, is there something out there in the water that's changed or are we confronting the old power of the nra? >> well, certainly we are confronting them. we'll always be able to confront them, but this time is different, and i think that the american people are realizing on how radical they actually are. you know, when you see the polls in most people in america support on what we're trying to do, even nra members, so that this time is different. i think it's a combination of the gun violence that we have seen over the last couple years, but what happened in connecticut, that went over t
shooting and i knew as one person, i couldn't do anything, but i knew president obama could. >> reporter: the president's first task is to convince members of his own party to support his plan. specifically the 11 democrats in the senate who have an a or b rating from the nra. without their support, diane, his plan doesn't have a prayer of passing. >> at the white house, jonathan karl. thanks, jon. >>> and now, we have breaking news from the faa tonight. the faa suddenly announced they are grounding the dreamliner. that new plane that ran into trouble. six of the planes are flying for united airlines here in the u.s. and for the latest on what's happened, abc senior national correspondent jim avila joins me. jim? >> reporter: diane, this is a huge blow to boeing. this is the faa telling united it cannot fly the dreamliner 787 starting right now. it's grounded until it can prove to the federal government that the airline has fixed the problem with the battery that continues to overheat. united is the only u.s. carrier flying the 787 so far. the plane of the future is expected to dominate
't win 49 states by accident. >> we have to be the party of solutions. one of the things troubling me right now, look i disagree with barack obama's fiscal and economic policy. i have for four years and i reckon i'll disagree with it for a while longer. i'll tell you this. the guy goes out and gives this gun control, safety speech today. okay. you don't have to agree with everything. a very complex issue we're dealing with in this horrible heinous national tragedy. but already, joe, right away republicans, some of them are out there killing him. executive orders are no good. papa bush used executive orders on this very subject. you know what i'm saying. the gop has become the pessimistic party of dr. no not the solution party of let's get together and figure something out. we can do this. reban always said we can do this. right now the gop says we can't do anything except bash obama. >> great leaders figure out how to say yes. ronald reagan and i'll say it, i voted to impeach the guy, bill clinton. bill clinton would always figure out that when republicans said something he agreed wit
have to resolve. the parties are not speaking with each other. the speaker of the house refuses to speak to president obama about the debt ceiling and possible default. president obama says the same about him. there's not just a difference about this, all the money, pomp and circumstances, people don't feel like celebrating. there's a weariness and it's bipartisan but people do it bass it's one of our rituals that demands we come together and show the world we are the greatest democracy and we are unified in these moments for a reason. >> so, it's happy face for a day. >> you mentioned his first inaugural with all the soaring rhetoric and the promises of hope and aspirations, going to transcend the petty partisanship , usher in transparency, remake politics. arguably it didn't happen. what really can he say? >> it's going to be very difficult for him to come up with an address that really changes people's opinion about the state we're in or the direction of his second term. it's going to be hard to inspire. he'll probably go long. i don't think re'll follow abraham lincoln and j
the second and then is going to survive this. the president must first get the support of his own party not expected to be easy house majority leader senator kerry reid is a gun owner himself. local gun owners and not praising obama's decision will this proposed gun legislation make a difference in our area it all depends on who you ask. at illinois gun works bullets are flying like they do every night at the shooting range and so were gun owners opinions about the president's legislation. in illinois we already go through a lot of background checks, when you fill out the form they ask you if you have any mental issues. we go through a lot of checks already and there is still a three day waiting period. he has six maybe seven guns for sale right now he credits politicians for making sales so brisk. they say the president's proposed legislation squeezes the wrong people and threatens the constitution he also says it makes the price of guns go up and the availability of guns go down. i almost needed a switchboard today there are so many people that are asking us what the laws are why sho
obama might southern to another close ally for the chief of staff. >>> it was a pretty tame going away party for treasury secretary tim geithner yesterday. >> they didn't serve any alcohol. >> the president told reporters, they're still on a bublt. and if you read only one thing this morning, we have all heard about surgeries gone wrong. sometimes we actually see proof on the faces of celebrities. but my must read is about a surgical mistake that is so off the charts you have to read it to believe it. it's up on our facebook page at facebook/jansingco. on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hand
. republican party. they're in deep trouble. they've got some challenges. [laughter] msnbc, power point of the obama administration. a very colorful. [laughter] they got colorful faces on there now. i'm a christian and i love everyone pretty you know that, father. people got upset i call the president the black mascot of wall street oligarchs. i'm a christian, i love mascots. [laughter] but when you bailout banks not to the tune of $16 trillion but refused to bail out homeowners or when you bailout your workers, you can brag about bailing out your workers, but how come they have to change their contracts and deal with low wages and layoffs, but wall street didn't? the compensation for executives continues to be obscene and profane and nobody could raise a mumbling word in the corporate truncated multiplex. thank god for amy goodman and tavis smiley on television. that is true. [applause] and there is no way we will ever be able to reinvigorate and rejuvenate our public life unless we have was socrates had -- turned a line 24 a right before he was putting in the desk condemning him to de
. >>> president obama admits his new push for sweeping gun control will be a tough fight. the lines are being drawn today. where the -- steve? >> that's right. both parties could be unified in this one, jim, on both sides. the key to a win, though, in this fight over guns seems to be the middle. democrats from states where guns are popular. delmarva, western maryland, west virginia, west virginia, those lawmakers are getting pressure from both sides. the vice president kicked off the public biden/obama campaign for universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons. >> newtown has shocked the nation. the carnage on our streets is no longer able to be ignored. >> that's why we need a national approach. >> but key congressional democrats could oppose the is that. democratic laterer harry reid, who voted against 91994 assault weapons ban, said a new one can't pass congress. west virginia democratic senator joe manchin, after newtown, questioned the right to own assault weapons. now manchin says he's disappointed that the president did not recommend the creation of the national commission o
guns. the american people want us to be very carb just what we do. >> reporter: president obama knows he needs to win over members of his own party before he can target his own party. >>> an unusual proposal to regulate assault weapons in san jose is getting mixed reviews. a lawyer in san jose drafted and ordinance and presented it at a city council committee meeting yesterday. it calls for anyone in san jose who wants to own an assault weapon to be required to pass a mental health check and then turn the weapon over to police for safe keeping. if owners want to check out their weapons, they would have to say why. >>> san jose mayor chuck reed said he's not hour it's a good idea for cities to make their own gun laws while the president is taking this on as a federal -- at a federal level. >>> san jose police may use gps to stop pharmacy robberies. thieves are trying to steal oxy contone and other pills. earlier this week, two san francisco drugstores were robbed. last month, a walgreen's in palo alto was robbed. pharmacies in new york are already planting gps devices inside a fake dru
. this is the thing that politicians of both parties do. the president bringing in people to attend the "state of the union" address. in this case, president obama wants to people serve as human symbols of the policies as you mentioned. a woman who got treatment for a disease she couldn't have gotten without obamacare and woman who lost her job at g.m. and got it back. woman whose child goes to college due to pem grant. the problem with gimmicks they inspire counter gimmicks. i wouldn't be surprised if the republicans wanted to feature taxpayer that lost money in solyndra, or person whose insurance premiums went up because of obamacare or member of the millions of the people unemployed. the unemployment rate is 7.8% this january. precisely the same number it was four years ago when president obama was inaugurated the first time. >> neil: what if the co-chairs or whatever they call them, what do they do at the inauguration and how are they showcased or featured, or whatever? >> guest: well, the president's staff will put them in a prom mant place an tell the stories. they want to get the storie
, you're whining about it and that's a sign of a losing political party. >> megyn: go ahead, mark. >> i'm not whining about anything, unlike his immediate predecessors, barack obama is not interested in bipartisan. compare him to george bush and bill clinton. george bush reached across the aisle with ted kennedy for the the no child left behind and bill clinton reached out to republicans and worked with them to pass the north american free trade agreement over objection of majority of democrats. where are barack obama's bipartisan achievement and legislatures he passed working with republicans against democrats? not a single issue he stakes a claim against his own party for the good of the country. his model is stimulus, and obamacare where he maximizes his position and rams it through as best he can and look, it's worked for him. he won, got both of those bills through and he won reelection and i see no sign whatsoever he's going to become the post partisan president in the second term that he promised to be in his first and never was. >> megyn: the question is though, simon, whether a
of two persons of interest. >>> president obama plans to go on the road to galvanize public support for his new gun control proposal. >> but the president admits it could be a tough sell, even within his own party. harry reid voted against the 1994 assault weapons ban that has since expired. he says he doesn't believe a new ban will pass congress. meanwhile, they're claiming it's a back-door way of creating a national gun rental city. >>> a just released survey of teachers in fairfax county finds a majority believe there should not be guns? school. they support an armed police officers in schools rather than other ops like armed security guard or school staff. 27% feels school facilities are safe and security, that online surveys of 433 teachers was conducted by the fairfax county federation of teachers. >>> meanwhile, at this hour, in rich more they are debating the very issue. a controversial vote is being on right now. julie caries says it's one of several gun bills to be considered by lawmakers. itches this is an ak-47. >> democratic lawmakers brought a powerful-looking prop to
cut debt, and no gun-control. it appears to be a fight for the very soul of the republican party. the nra calls the president and its lead is typical. the president calls the nra cowardly. why does this argument matter? the "a-team" will be here to talk about the obama rule and why it matters a great deal. the interior secretary said to ride off into the sunset, but he leaves a luxurious legacy of government waste. ken salazar opulent washington legacy next. president obama dividing america again, this time over gun ownership and the second amendment. we will take it up in the form with a pro-gun advocate and the mother of a victim of the virginia tech shooting next. lou: president obama today signed 23 executive actions on gun-control. we are joined now by the director of communications for gun owners of america and the viejo organizer of the coalition to stop gun violence. her daughter was shot twice during the 2007 virginia tech massacre, and she survived. thank you both for being with us. i am going to begin, if i may, with you and your reaction to the president's actions tod
out and said it's prepared to do the battle of the century. barack obama and joe biden and their gun allies only want to blame you, vilify you and strip you of your second amendment freedoms. these lines are pretty clear here. is in where the republican party wants to go? >> no, and it's certainly not the party that i want to be a part of in the future. that's where the party is going. i think that, you know, what the president has laid out is a common sense position to start with. a lot of the things the president has talked about in his 23 points today, are things that the nra has supported in the past. let's be opposed to it and sit down and get something done. >> michael, you're like a minority of one. i'm waiting for others to come out who are still elected representatives of the party. one, to say hey, let's have a real conversation here and not just hide behind the nra and its rhetoric of fear. >> michael, do you think there are any republicans that will vote for any of the proposals that were put on the table today. >> i do. and i'll tell you why. it's the numb befrs that you
debt, and no gun-control. it appears to be a fight for the very soul of the republican party. the nra calls the president and its lead is typical. the president calls the nra cowardly. why does this argument matter? the "a-team" will be here to talk about the obama rule and why it matters a great deal. the interior secretary said to ride off into the sunset, but he leaves a luxurious legacy of government waste. ken salazar opulent washington legacy next. president obama dividing america again, this time over gun ownership and the second amendment. we will take it up in the form with a pro-gun advocate and the mother of a victim of the virginia tech shooting next. officemax has exactly the ink... your business needs... at prices that keep you...out of the red. this week get a bonus $15 itunes gift card with any qualifying $75 ink purchase. find thousands of big deals now... at officemax. you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal
's the traditional path to the presidency. are we doing something wrong in the democratic party to set women up to really be able to take that step and break that ultimate glass ceiling? >> look. i think we -- president obama showed you don't have to be a governor to get to the president and we have a deep bench if hillary doesn't run and i pray that she does. look, some of the women with senator gillibrand, you know, talking about this a lot. stop saying that women aren't ready because we are and there is a deep, deep bench of women who are just waiting to lead. >> well, yeah, on that point, i would bet good money you won't have an all-white male democratic field in 2016 even if hillary didn't run. people around amy klobashar has ambitions. it seems to me there's a fundamental change here looking at the woman running for president before up until hillary in 2008, a lot of candidacies symbolic, sort of started and pulled back and now i think it's a new era and standard on the democratic side and i believe the republican side, too. you can put kelly aotte's aim out there. one woman will be in th
-- this is always -- there's always attention. >> obama was on their -- how many months in a row was obama on the cover of the nra magazine in the past two years? ten of 12 months. >> i'm not a subscriber myself, but it's good for them. maybe bad for their party. i'm not sure how bad it is for their issue. again, i think that, like, they've sort of given up on the background checks. they're going to go out, and i don't think that anyone realistically thinks they're going to avoid that. on the kind of marginal issues, i think that what they believe and i think they're correct is that they've got enough people in each state that is going to be very hard for the middle ground democratic senators to come out and do kind of really hard core. >> if it's good for business on the right, though, it is also, to glen's point, political capital for the president. it's also worth noting the brady campaign has gotten $5 million since newtown, which is a doubling of their budget. i mean, they have increased their membership by 100,000. i mean, that is not traditionally been the case after the shootings.
development for our economy. the first point i want to make, when the two parties can get together on some of these issues this and that things can happen. with respect to poverty specifically, i think it is a well-kept secret of mitt romney and barack obama advocated indexing the minimum wage to the rate of inflation. it does not matter now, because we have no inflation, but if the economy gets better and we do not index the minimum wage to inflation people at the bottom of the income spectrum are going to lose ground rather than gain ground in the recovery that is a modest sensible thing we should all agree on. >> that is pretty good for 18. a dean. i'll give you all the leeway you need to do that. i wonder if you can help me imagine what a white house conference to eradicate poverty with the left and right present to talk about ideas that could work if they could agree on -- give me a sense of at this moment what some of the ideas on the table might be that could get this moving, and you can respond to what you wanted to earlier. >> part of the challenges that most of the experts who su
. >> reporter: and the city sure knows how to throw a party. >> thank you. >> but for those looking for decadence with their democracy, they'll have to shell out some major capital. within walking distance of the platform where president obama will take his second oelt the fairmont hotel is offering a package fit for a fiscal king. >> the inaugural package includes up to four nights in our presidential caliber suite. the amenities on arrival and every evening as well as the party on the night of the inauguration. >> reporter: along with the room and the spread that includes bottles of don pair ig known champagne will provide you with a presidential puppy and two secret service agents. the dog is real. the agents are not. there are accommodations which would make first dog bo pant and they come with price tag of $100,000. ♪ >> reporter: the ritz carlton's access washington deal would also make the congressional budget office cry. a long weekend of pampering and vip treatment for $100,000. not surprisingly every presidential inauguration is about branding a
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